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This illustration was done about... uhh...
about 5-6 years ago!
oh wait! there's the date! December 03, 2004! or...was it March 12, 2004??? I think it was March 12 2004 because I remember that the schoolyear's about to end already...

My classmates/friends (Angela and Danika) just grabbed the chalk and drew on the board. We didn't really think of finishing the drawing because we were just waiting for some things at school. I remember this was after/before the CAT/ACP training(some compulsary military training for Filipino citizens in most of the junior and senior high school students in the Philippines). I think we were still in patig(military uniform) and military boots at that time... and oh! hairnet too! (yeah, so that our hair won't fall off)

So here...

Magic Knight Rayearth, chalk on board.


ehh. i want to draw but i can't. waah. like there's something blocking the creative pathways in my brain T.T

shattered dreams

first off, happy 23rd birthday mr park meke! may you have more feathers to shed~ LOLWTF?


shattered dreams.

anyone out there? do you remember the jumping yunho GIF during the T concert where in HIS THING was bouncing while jumping?

hmmm. i am awed with fangirl brains. i, myself, am a fangirl so when i first saw that gif i was like FCKWTFWCKOMGJUNGYUNHOYOUYOUYOU#$^@$&%@&$@&!!!!!!!!

oh i'm talking about this gif:

the image quality is not so clear huh?

well... i just watched the DVD again.... and analyzed that gif...
yunho was wearing an underwear during that time...DUH. so that would somehow 'control' the 'bounciness' and from the other angles, there was a bulge a little up above 'the somewhere' meaning his 'thing' wasn't freely hanging there like that to bounce like..that.

so here i am, on the eve of park yuchun's 23rd birthday, shattering fangirl dreams.

happy birthday micky!!!!!!!!!


isn't it obvious that i'm bored?

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i'm not really much of a poster here in LJ or anywhere....

i noticed that lotsa people post their fanarts here.... not only fanarts... but TVXQ fanarts... not only TVXQ fanarts but also yaoi fanarts....


lemme try posting mine...

HOSU! by tintin

you figure out what they're doing. i really don't know.

the hosu lovechild

do you guys know morphthing?
if you dont, this is what it does. LOL



THE HOSU still loooks yummy GOOD.